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Focus Lock

The focus lock feature was one of the first methods of controlling multiple tracks. It has now been supplemented with the more powerful track group feature. When focus lock is enabled for a track, the track will receive function triggers even when it is not the selected track. For example, if focus lock is enabled in tracks 1, 2, and 3, track 1 is selected, and the Reverse command is performed, the Reverse will be performed in tracks 1, 2, and 3.

There are three ways to enable focus lock for a track, by clicking on the focus lock button in the track strip, with the FocusLock function, and with scripts. See the scripting manual for more information about controlling tracks with scripts. In the standard track strip, the focus lock button is the small circle at the top which will fill with red when clicked. If you do not see a small circle you have customized the track strip. Pull down the Configuration menu and select the Display Components item. In the multi-select field labeled Track Strip Controls make sure that the item labeled Focus Lock is moved to the panel on the right side.

Using the FocusLock function will toggle focus lock on and off.

You may not want all functions to obey focus lock. For example you may want NextLoop?, Retrigger, and Mute to obey focus lock but not Record and Overdub so you can control the recording of tracks individually but still mute them at the same time. A global parameter can be used to specify which functions will obey focus lock and track groups. Pull down the Configuration menu and select the Global Parameters... item. Then in the field labeled Group and Focus Lock Functions, move the functions you want to obey focus lock to the panel on the right side.

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